Rats! Rats! Rats!


Mission Statement: Worlds first geodesic pasty dome designed to breed a race of giant semi intelligent advert rats


Eden Project Edgeley


Rats Rats Rats


Adverts = Money


About our mission

Edgeley’s Mission

There is a planetary emergency. Only by deepening our collective understanding of the interconnections between giant semi-intelligent super rats and future-facing multimedia advertising; can we protect the Earth and engender environmental harmony and social equity. 

We need to inspire a new wave of ecological concepts interwoven with a fresh take on corporate advertising in order to care for this planet, Spaceship Earth, our only home, that provides us ‒ and all rats ‒ with fresh air, clean water, fertile soil, rich biodiversity, Greggs, a stable climate and an awesome monetary system. 

Exploring how it all interconnects can transform our understanding of the world and help us see, how together, our actions can create a writhing heap of rodents desperately clawing at a wall of Gregg’s whilst advertising the latest trends in technology and retail.

That’s why we work collaboratively with local, feral rodents, walk the talk at our own site in Edgeley, and share our stories through painted advertisements displayed on the backs of huge rats, arts and culture programmes, community initiatives and education work. 

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